23rd European Seniors Bowling Championships
Helsinki - Finland - 2014





Welcome to the 23th European Senior Bowlers

Championships 2014 in Helsinki, Finland


Dear bowling friends,


As president I would like to write some words for the bid book of the 23rd European Senior Bowlers Championships in Helsinki.


In Finland is, like in the other Nordic countries, bowling a big sport and that means that the  quality of the bowling centres used in championships is good . Finland  is known for its beautiful and peaceful nature, you can enjoy in June. The weather is nice and warm and you have a very, very long day to visit all places of interest. If you go above the polar circle, you will experience that daylight is there for 24 hours. Helsinki itself is also beautiful city. You can shop until you drop, visit museums and find old buildings and historical places. Wonder around in het harbour en yes, you can visit the Olympic village and climb the tower with a nice view over Helsinki.


This will be the third visit to Finland and Helsinki for the ECBC. The first time was in 1994, and the second in 2004. So we continue the 10 years in between. Please, do not think I donít need to go, because I have been there before.  In 10 or 20 years there will have changed alot, so there are new things to see and if the Finish organizing committee lives up to their reputation we will have very professional organised European Championships in very good bowling centres.  


I want to thank the organizing committee in advance for their hard work and many hours they spend to organize these championships. The ESBC presidium will visit Helsinki in April 2013 to inspect all bowling centres and hotels and to verify that they will be according to the  standards for the championships. The ESBC presidium is sure the organizing committee will do his utmost to fulfil your championships to an excellent standard.


The ESBC presidium hope you will visit the 23th European Senior Bowlers Championships in Helsinki, Finland 2014 and we will all meet again in this wonderful atmosphere!!


Best regards,


Paul Douw, president ESBC